A Few Good Reasons to Join.

1.    Due to tough economy its not easy to make profit from Retail
        Fuel Sales unless you buy smart.

2.    When you become a member of igsoa, you are automatically get the
       membership of our affiliate associations and you are entitle to get all the 
       available to their members otherwise. To see the list of affiliate associations,
       please click here.

3.    As an individual, its not easy to get best deal for your gas purchase.

4    Your Association has the power to get you Group Supply Rates at discounted
        daily terminal rack prices from various venders for your Fuel Purchases.

5.    To make an informed decision to place your Purchase Order, you 
        should have access to daily Fuel Prices of 100's of Fuel Suppliers to look
        for deals.

6.    To make sure you get the delivery on time when you need it. If not delivered
        within 3 hours of scheduled time, there is no shipping cost for the load.

7.    To save un necessary costs added to your invoice.

8.    Without Signing a Fuel Supply Agreement, you can buy your gas in 
        open market without compromising with your privacy.

9.    If you can not afford to buy cash on delivery, your credit can be 
        approved by your Association.

10.    If you are tight on your budget your Association can provide the
        Security Bond on your behalf.

11.    If you are about to sign a Fuel Supply Agreement, your Association
        can offer you Free of Charge Consultation and Review to secure deal 
        in your favor.

12.    If you are signing a Fuel Supply Agreement just because you need
        financial Assistance for your Retail Outlet. Your Association can help
        to get you best possible terms available in the market.

13.    Your association can supervise your Fuel Supply Costs to make sure
        you are not over charged by accident if so, you may get out of contract 
        or have a credit without going in court.

14.    You don't have to transfer your Credit Card Sales to your Fuel Supplier
        as a security. Being a member of this association, you have the right to 
        keep your funds with you and don't have to go back and forth to protect
        your interest.

15.    You can have best negotiated Insurance Prices for your business.

16.    You will have best negotiated Credit Card Processing Rates for your Credit
        Card Sales.

17.    Daily Rack prices from most of the terminals for most of the brands will be
        available to you.

18.    Future gas trends and forecasts will be available to the members.

Not only above Members also have following assistance:

a.    Free consultation & Contract review by our Legal Department, before you
        sign a fuel supply agreement.

b.             store direct from OPIS.

c.    Free training to read and understand complex gas pricing system and evaluate
         your Gas Supply Invoices.

d.    Free Legal Help if documented over charged by your Gas Supplier.

e.    Free help if you are harassed by your Gas Supplier.

Your free trial also include following:-    

Signup now  calling (937) 470-6660 or by clicking here to have IGSOA  representative contact you.

That is not it, there are million good reasons to be part of the Association. For a few more reasons, please check What's new page on this website.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to call Member Services any time.



Your Team at, 
Independent Gas Station Operator's Association.