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2 1.92
3 1.92
4 1.92
5 1.94
6 1.94
7 1.94
8 1.91
9 1.91
10 H
12 1.95
13 1.97
14 2.02
15 2.07
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IGSOA Fuel Terminal Project (Dayton, OH)

One Step Forward Towards  True Independence and Freedom of Choice.

IGSOA Membership is proud to announce the Private Fuel Storage Facility dedicated to Members only.
Details of this project are available for public on following link:-


No Branded Product will be Stored or Sold on this facility.

This project means a lot to IGSOA members

You don't have to be rocket scientist to figure out the difference if you keep following factors under consideration:

- There will be no Security Deposit Required.
- You don not have to call any fuel distributor to deliver gas to your location.
- You do not have to use mandatory delivery arrangement of any distributor.
- You will pick and choose after negotiation a competitive delivery company for your load however as a default, igsoa will be negotiating with one of the major fuel transportation company doing business nationwide to deliver gas to the members. All members can benefit from that as well if they like it.
- There will be no third party in the middle to add up any mark up or otherwise.
The Gasoline products will be sold based on Spot Prices.
To know more about Spot Pricing, please follow the link below to Government Website:-

What Management is doing to bring further gas prices down to benefit the IGSOA members?

1. To bring the Transportation Cost down to Minimum, The Facility is linked to Major Fuel Distribution Centers in Texas, New York Harbor and Gulf Coast through Pipeline instead of using Train or Truck Service, to bring the gas to this Facility.
2. igsoa is in the process of hiring Top of the Line Fuel Management Company, well recognized in the International Market and selected based on Merits, as an independent contractor to Operate this facility.
3. There will be Monthly/Yearly Allocation base Sales and Purchase System to control the cost.
4. There will be Risk Management System in place for IGSOA members (in case).
5. Members will be able to secure gallons one month to one year ahead of time for their needs
    and will be allowed to sell extra gallons not used by them (in case) for profit to any third party when its appropriate. (Optional)

Unfortunately, its not the time to make management policy public, however, Complete details will be posted on the website before the Launch.

Executive Committee:
IGSOA is in the process to select 20 Executive Committee Members to control the project. The term of these members will be 3 years. Every three years, new selection will be organized. No member will be eligible  for more than one term during the membership period. Each executive committee member has to be member for at least two years. Total Executive Committee members will in 20 (4 from each state Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana & West Virginia). This process is being started, Members only can send the Nominations by Mail, fax or Email (Contact information is available on Link  Contact).

Membership is Free of Charge and so is Executive Committee Membership Nominations.

All Unbranded and Independent Gas Station Owner are encouraged to step forward to get Registered Member asap. Sooner the Better. Its in your own good interest to be part of this program without wasting any time.

Best Regards,

IGSOA Management


Membership Form/Sign-up

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